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A breath of fresh air in the reinforcement sector! We are creating a stir by changing and developing new methods that make our users’ day-to-day work easier, and thereby helping the entire chain. We are innovators, working with production and sales of reinforcement products. With our simpler, faster and more cost-effective alternatives, we bring you and your customers into the future. Things are moving quickly now, so keep up!

We live our brand Speedies®. Everything we do is governed by and based on innovation and the desire for our customers to be successful. By supplying the sector with the most user-friendly and most appreciated products on the market from a user perspective, we will be the natural choice when it comes to quality and reliability of delivery. It is only in this way we can create cost-effectiveness at every stage. Everyone can rest assured that, when they order products from Innovativ Plast, the goods they receive will be functional, user-friendly, sustainable and provide that little bit extra.

Our aim is to inform people in the sector about what ought to be the obvious choices in regards to products. We can state with confidence that our products are now the best in the world in our field. Our customers are made up of dealers in Europe and around the world, but our focus lies on the user. When our products exceed their hopes and expectations, then we know that we have succeeded. In making the users happy, we also make things easier for our business partners.

Looking back is making and changing our future. With more than 20 years’ experience in the sector, we have the knowledge and perspective to make good decisions about the future from a position of expertise.



A product designed for soft and/or uneven surfaces, such as gravel, insulation or foil. It is strong, stable and able to withstand pressure, and is perfect for casting bases and foundations. Available in heights from 20 mm up to 70 mm.

Article no:
Article name:
10122002SPEEDIES FOUNDATION 20 mm with spikes
10122004SPEEDIES FOUNDATION 25 mm with spikes
10122006SPEEDIES FOUNDATION 30 mm with spikes
10122008SPEEDIES FOUNDATION 35 mm with spikes
10122010SPEEDIES FOUNDATION 40 mm with spikes
10122012SPEEDIES FOUNDATION 50 mm with spikes
10122014SPEEDIES FOUNDATION 60 mm with spikes
10122016SPEEDIES FOUNDATION 70 mm with spikes



A product intended for even and/or hard cast surfaces. Works perfectly both when casting ceilings on site and within the precast sector when casting walls. Speedies Ceiling spacers have pointed feet that ensure low visibility in the concrete surfaces. Available in heights from 20 mm up to 50 mm

Article no:
Article name:
11221003SPEEDIES CEILING SH20, 20 mm with spikes
11221005SPEEDIES CEILING SH25, 25 mm with spikes
11221007SPEEDIES CEILING SH30, 30 mm with spikes
11221009SPEEDIES CEILING SH35, 35 mm with spikes
11221011SPEEDIES CEILING SH40, 40 mm with spikes
11221013SPEEDIES CEILING SH50, 50 mm with spikes



A quick-release holder for deploying Speedies. The stick length is adapted for 50 Speedies spacers. Just load, walk, release and repeat.

Article no:
Article name:


The world’s fastest spacers for reinforcement mesh have completely amazed users and dealers around Europe.

Among dealers, Speedies® is considered to be one of the easiest ever products to sell in the sector. The difference between new and old is huge. Users don’t need any arguments – they simply understand the benefits this new concept provides. Company managers, economists and logisticians see considerable time and cost savings, HR and working environment managers see a clear improvement in the working environment for their employees, while environmental managers see an environmentally approved plastic and also reduced transport emissions. Improvements everywhere and big ones at that. In addition, the product is also stronger and more stable than most from a functional perspective. Quite simply, it is a product that is widely appreciated and makes everyone a winner!

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Intellectual Properties

Patents, design patents, patent pending and trademarks around the world.

Patents protected in:


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Patent pending

Australia, Canada, China, EPO, India, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Patent Cooperation Treaty, Republic of Korea, Sweden

Speedies is a registered and protected trademark in:


Registered trademark with No.: 976989


Registered trademark with No.: 012491163

Madrid protocol (Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, Russian Federation)

Registered trademark with No.: 1252808


Registered trademark with No.: 275820


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United States of America

Registered trademark with No.: 5331889

Design Patent – EU

Design patent no.: 003377571-0001

Design patent no.: 003377571-0002

Our Portfolio



Flat feet for soft and uneven surfaces like gravel, insulation or foil.



Pointed feet for hard surfaces and low visibility in the concrete surfaces.


Innovativ Plast is the IP-owner of the Speedies® concept.

Distribution to European end users is done through distribution partners.

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