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##Trademark and Corporate Identity Guidelines

Innovativ Plast’s trademarks and brands are Innovativ Plast’s intellectual property and are among our most valuable assets. In order to preserve and protect these brands, it is essential that they are used properly. Follow these Trademark and Corporate Identity Guidelines in all communications regardless of format and channel. These Trademark and Corporate Identity Guidelines apply to Innovativ Plast’s employees, agents, distributors, partners, licensees, suppliers, vendors, sub-distributors and sub-licensees.


The Speedies® trademark must be used in all marketing of Innovativ Plast’s products and product concepts.

Innovativ Plast’s products and/or product concepts may not be distributed under, or combined with, any other product name or trademark – registered or unregistered – than Speedies®.

The Speedies® trademark shall always be followed by one of the following symbols when used in writing:

a. ® (registered trademark) in countries, unions or regions where the trademark is registered (this information can be found on https://www.speedies.eu/), or b. ™ (trademark) in all other countries, unions or regions.

When used in writing, the Speedies® trademark shall be written in one of the following forms:

a. SPEEDIES, consistently with upper case letters, or b. Speedies, with the first letter in upper case and the other letters in lower case.

When used in marketing, the Speedies® trademark shall be spelled and pronounced the same way in both singular and plural. The Speedies® trademark may never be used in an offensive, demeaning or otherwise inappropriate or negative manner.

The Speedies® trademark may not in any – printed or non-printed – form be combined with other company names, trademarks and/or other words in such manner that it can be perceived as, or give the appearance that, the rightful holder of the intellectual property rights is any other than Innovativ Plast.

Where there are uncertainties, or where it may otherwise be needed, Innovativ Plast’s downloadable logotype, for the purpose in question, shall always be used in the following manner: a. The logotype shall be portrayed in such a manner that the connection to the product(s) in question, cannot be misunderstood; and b. The logotype must be of such size that it can be read with ease.

Name of Articles

The Speedies® trademark shall always be included where the product name is stated and/or where the article is named.

The Speedies® trademark may not be combined with any other speed related words in relation to the product and/or in the product name, regardless of the language, with the exception of the word “High-Speed Spacer”.

When used in print, the Speedies® trademark may only be followed and/or preceded by complementary general information, and physical and/or functionally descriptive information. a. Such generally descriptive information could, for example, be the product category which it belongs to, such as high-speed spacer, ground spacer, ceiling spacer etc. b. Such physical descriptive information could, for example, be three-armed, pointed feet, with or without pins etc. c. Such functional descriptive information could, for example, be the intended area of use, such as whether it is intended for a soft or hard surface, for reinforcement mesh etc.

Article number/Article codes

Article numbers, whether single or group numbers, or article codes or other characters used as an alternative to article numbers, that are associated with the products shall be chosen and constructed in a manner that ensures they cannot: a. be perceived as offensive or result in negative publicity, or harm the trademark in any other way on the market in question, or b. be perceived as descriptive, as a name or as an abbreviation of a name or trademark other than the Speedies® trademark. This applies especially to what may be perceived as synonyms or abbreviations of synonyms to the words fast, quick or similar speed-related names, regardless of the language.


a. Innovativ Plast has the sole right to make changes to these logotypes, or to combine different parts of them in a different order. b. Retailers who sell the products may use one or more of these logotypes when advertising the products/concept, in accordance with these guidelines.

Businesses active in the same industry, or which are part of a company structure active in the same industry, as Innovativ Plast, shall always and with no exceptions use the intended logotype in order to clarify who is the rightful intellectual property holder of the product concept Speedies®.

The term ”same industry” includes businesses who, individually or as part of a company structure: a. own, hire or lease machines and/or tools for plastic production, or b. manufacture reinforcement spacers, regardless of the material. Should you come across a wrongful use of the Speedies® trademark, that does not comply with these Trademark and Corporate Identity Guidelines, please contact us on xxx.

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